Veiling Gesloten

Secret heart (wit) is als een spaarvarken, je kan er je dromen of emoties in opslaan, zelfs de meest duistere



Bekijk hier de veiling voorwaarden.

Secret Heart is like a piggy box - you can place your dreams or emotions in it, even the most darkest. You can store them away or close by, so the wishes would come true, maybe to remember some event or send the closest person a message.

Its always better to break this heart instead of your own.

Secret Heart serves the duty of secret keeper, emotions-storage and as a metaphorical object of love.

You cannot open it. To retrieve the messages put in paper inside, you need to break it.

Secret Heart is made from porcelain, it's in the size of the real anatomical human heart. Agnieszka Mazur

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